Sewers and Drains

From Installation to Ongoing Maintenance, to Routine Repairs… We’re the “Go to” People for ALL of Your Home Sewer & Drain Line Needs.

Of all plumbing issues, “sewer and drains” is probably the least pleasant to think about, let alone tackle. Still, when things go wrong, you want rooter professionals who can make them right… in the shortest amount of time possible!

Fast and Efficient Drain Cleaning with Bio-Clean, In-Line Video Inspection, and More

At Conway Services, we have the trained and experienced Rescue Rooter technicians to tackle any size job:

  • In-line video inspection to identify the exact location and extent of the problem.
  • Root-X, a liquid root killer, to help prevent tree and shrub roots from invading galvanized steel sewer & drain lines.
  • Bio-Clean drain cleaning product which outperforms “supermarket” varieties… plus it’s completely organic and therefore causes no damage to the environment.

Both Root-X and Bio-Clean can and should be used for prevention purposes, too!  Both eco-friendly products are available at Conway Services… call today to order yours.

We’re Backflow Testing and Prevention Specialists, Too!

Backflow is the reversal in the direction of water or sewage due to a reversal of water pressure. In either case, contamination occurs. This contamination can be limited to your home or extend to the city water supply. If left unchecked or not checked in time, the results can be harmful.

Here’s how backflow typically occurs:

  • A break in a city water line that might cause polluted water and other contaminants to enter the city water supply.
  • Line flushing and fire fighting can produce the same harmful result.
  • Water systems that are supplied by wells or come in contact with untreated and contaminated streams or ponds also create potential backflow hazards.

Without proper protection, even a simple device like your water hose has the potential to poison your home’s water supply.

Conway Services is your Memphis area backflow professionals who are trained and ready to help protect your family’s drinking water by blocking contaminants from entering your home.

How to Protect Your Family

If you have a fire sprinkler system, it has a built-in backflow preventer. But like all things mechanical, it’s going to need to be looked at from time to time… no less than every five years, in this case.  If it’s been longer or you’re just not sure, call us and we’ll come out and test it professionally.

If you don’t already have a fire sprinkler system, today’s the perfect time to call us to accomplish two goals at the same time:  acquiring a built-in fire protection and backflow prevention, all in one highly effective system.

It’s also a good idea to install a lawn sprinkler/irrigation system with built-in backflow prevention. Because while pesticides may be good for your lawn and help to beautify your home, they definitely are not something you want backing up into your home water supply.