How to Bug Proof Your Home in Memphis and Germantown

It’s that wonderful time of year again, when you can’t wait to get outside, and insects can’t wait to get in! You know the routine – as soon as the temperature begins to warm bugs come out from their winter … Continued

The Health Benefits of Gardening in Memphis and Eads

In recent years, gardens have been popping up in some unconventional places – from prison yards to retirement and veteran homes to programs for troubled youth. Most are handy sources of fresh and local food, but increasingly they’re also an … Continued

Preventing Brain Injuries at Home in Memphis and Arlington, TN

We all know there’s a day, week or month for just about anything and everything, which is really too bad, because sometimes the really important ones don’t get readily noticed. Well, in addition to National Celery Month, On-Hold Month, and … Continued

It’s Time to Unplug for a Day in Memphis and Southaven

Walk into any coffee shop, restaurant, or even a doctor’s waiting room, and you’ll notice one common theme: adults and children alike with a smartphone or tablet in hand, gaming, texting, and scrolling their time away. And while technology allows … Continued