The Health Benefits of a Steam Shower

Before you sign off on plans for your bathroom remodeling project, take an extra few minutes to consider the health and therapeutic benefits of including a steam shower into the mix. After all, bathrooms are as much about comfort and … Continued

The Benefits of a Whole-House Air Purifier.

There’s a funny thing about those colds that never seem to go away.  As in, sometimes they’re not colds at all.  What they might be are harsh and lingering effects from polluted indoor air. That sounds so harsh, doesn’t it?  … Continued

How to Detect a Clogged Sewer in Your Home

A sewer drain clog is a very serious problem that can be considered a plumbing emergency. Since the water has no place to go it will all come back up into the household plumbing in one way or another. When … Continued

Why You Should Choose a Ductless Air System.

Ever notice how not everything in life is “all or nothing”?  It’s those numerous and ever-expanding shades of grey that help to keep life interesting. Well, here’s another prime example.  Let’s say you’re thinking about converting your attic into a … Continued

How to Prevent Injuries in the Bathroom.

Of all the places that prompt concern for your family’s safety, no doubt your bathroom is high up or at the top of that list. Countless bathroom accidents are reported every year, especially those befalling small children and the elderly. … Continued

How to Turn Earth Day into “Earth Lifestyle”.

Today is Earth Day:  April 22, 2016. In case you’re wondering about the origins of this annual event, one that continues to blossom from one year to the next, here are a few key milestones: The first Earth Day was … Continued

How to Check for Home Water Leaks.

When it comes to minor drips and leaks around the house, you might not think anything of it.  You just wipe it up and carry on with your day.  However, these seemingly innocent leaks may be the start of larger … Continued

Home Plumbing Maintenance Tips

There are certain things around your house that are super easy to take for granted, pretty much because they’re just “there.” Take your plumbing, for example.  Day after day, you finish brushing your teeth or taking a shower, turn off … Continued

6 Ways to Make a House a Home.

Merriam-Webster defines a house as “a building that serves as living quarters for one or a few families”. Simply put, four walls and a roof. But just about every house you step into is something more than that, each one … Continued

4 Ways to Prevent Home Heat Loss.

Let’s say, just for the fun of it, that you have the world’s greatest heating system. One you would put up against anybody’s – any time, any place. And yet, no matter how great it might be, it’s not going … Continued