4 Benefits of Heating System Preventative Maintenance

There’s always a first time, right?  And that goes for any life experience. And then there’s your heating system, where once a year you get to turn it on for the very first time.  You’re probably not thrilled about doing … Continued

How to Ensure Clean Home Drinking Water

What do volatile organic compounds, lead, and pesticides have in common? Long-term exposure to these substances – even at extremely low levels – can and does cause adverse health effects. What’s more, these and other common pollutants are commonly found … Continued

Fun Facts about Toilets!

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How to Save Money on your Water Bill

Any time of year is a good time to look for ways to reduce water consumption.  It’s a great to conserve a primary natural resource while reducing energy consumption at the same time.  And when you accomplish both of those … Continued

How to Locate Indoor Air Leaks

Every fall and winter, sooner or later the topic manages to re-present itself: “How do we manage to pay less to heat our home THIS year?” But answer this truthfully:  do you ever really do much about it other than … Continued

Five Hot Home Improvement Projects

When choosing updates for your next home project be sure to choose something that will also save you some money. You know, like replacing one thing for another that reduces your monthly energy expense.  Here are a few practical and … Continued

The Best Ways to Clean Grout

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:  the natural color of tile grout is not mildew grey! Okay, so maybe you DID already know that.  Even still, there you are, staring at grey or otherwise stained grout and wondering how or … Continued

The Health Benefits of a Cold Shower

An easy way to keep cool in the “dog days” of summer is with a cold shower, but did you know that it also provides several key health benefits? Heck, if you’re adventurous enough to brave the mall on Black … Continued

How to Dehumidify Your Home

If it’s summer and you have unbearable levels of indoor humidity, chances are you already know why:  either you don’t have central air conditioning, or your system is getting on in years and just isn’t getting rid of the humidity … Continued

“Do I Have Hard Water?”

Are you using double the normal amount of shampoo just to get the kind of sudsing action you like? Does it take an extra scoop of laundry detergent to get your clothes as clean as they should be? And how … Continued