Memphis Plumbing Repairs: Beware of Water Leaks

The worst way to treat a water leak is to ignore it.

It’s not just the wasted water…it’s the incredible amount of damage a water leak can cause, even where there’s barely evidence of dripping water in the first place.

That’s why we recommend that, from time to time, that you pull your refrigerator out from the wall to check for accumulated water.  Believe it or not, the smaller the amount of water, the bigger the potential problem.  That’s because water could be seeping into your flooring to your subflooring.  If not caught early enough, that could cause wood rot plus damage to the ceiling below…both of which can occur long before visual detection happens.

The greater the damage, the more expensive – and extensive! – the repair.

That’s just one more reason why Conway Services recommends a whole-house plumbing inspection.  Our professional plumbers will check all the plumbing fixtures and systems in your Memphis area home, and point out any problem areas…or problems in the making.

A whole-house plumbing inspection also includes a safety check of your water heater, and that’s always a good idea.

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